The following non-medical plans can be purchased both as INDIVIDUAL POLICIES and as GROUP BENEFITS.



Life Insurance assures that your loved ones; those who are dependent on you, will maintain continuity in their standard of living for a period of time following your death. It creates a window of time to allow for grieving and the re-structuring of their financial resources, to move forward financially in a healthy, stress-free way.

To provide a quote, we will ask you for your date of birth, gender, smoker status, the face amount you wish your policy to be, whether or not you engage in high-risk activities, your medical condition and history, and what type of policy you are interested in, such as Term or Universal life insurance. For policies with face amounts that are at a higher level of coverage, we will also collect financial information. Most policies require some type of medical exam.


Short and Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability policies will typically pay you 60% of your base salary for 12-24 weeks, should you become temporarily unable to go to work due to illness or injury. If you are not able to bring in an income for 3-6 months, would you be able to support your basic expenses during that length of time on your savings alone? Having a STD policy in place may bridge the gap between thriving and financial ruin.

Long Term Disability is designed to replace a portion of your income, and create peace of mind should your short term policy end, and extends coverage for an additional two to five years. The additional time allows for healing, retraining should you require a change in career, and protect your family while getting back on your feet.


Dental and Vision

The health of our teeth, gums, and eyes are vital to the overall health of our bodies. Without this type of coverage, it’s difficult to access professional care without paying the cost of services upfront and in full. Don’t compromise your comprehensive health by ignoring your dental and vision needs, preventive and in acute situations. Dental and Vision policies are affordable for most and can make the difference in the quality of your life.



Accidents are sudden, un-welcome events that may require time away from work and cause financial hardship for you and your family. Medical accident policies are designed to cover your out of pocket costs which tend to pile up after an accidental injury. Out of pocket costs could include emergency treatment, hospital stays, medical exams, and other expenses incurred such as transportation and lodging when out of town.


Long Term Care

Long Term Care insurance is designed to cover the care you receive not included within your medical, Medicare, and Medicaid coverage’s. To qualify for this type of policy, an application will include your medical history and a medical exam. Premiums are determined by your current state of health and your age at the time you apply. While not inexpensive, it will insure you against the loss of draining the life savings you’ve accrued to benefit you and the lives of your family members. It also allows you choices in the location and level of care you receive.

Long Term Care will provide coverage when two out of six activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and eating, require the help of a caregiver. LTC coverage is a perfect solution, as these types of policies allow a designated dollar amount to be paid daily to your caregiver for an extended period of time, under your terms, such as desiring to receive care within your own home vs. a nursing home facility.

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