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~Tina  ~ A Childcare Center ~ Hillsboro, OR

“I have worked at our childcare center for 33 years this fall. I have worked with Lisa Dailey for many of those years. We would not dream of using anyone else for our employee healthcare benefits. There are a lot of choices for brokers out there and what makes one better than the other? I want a relationship with one person and I want little to no issues in implementing the benefits to my staff. I have never had any issues at all with Lisa and when I have issues (very few) with the product, Lisa jumps right in and gets it solved quickly and efficiently. I know that I can count on her and I know that if I call her she will return a call immediately. She is knowledgeable and more importantly, she is the expert that I need to keep up on the every changing laws and rules of the land. Her expertise is priceless and allows me to make decisions easily. Lisa Dailey is a gem and I would recommend her without hesitation.”


~Judy  ~ Retired President of a Credit Union, Portland, OR 

“In running a small business you can’t be an expert in everything. Certainly with the ever changing business of insurance it was very comforting for me for many years to be able to call up someone I trusted someone I could get on the phone and ask any kind of question and that was Lisa Dailey… Friendly, personable, professional, knowledgeable – she comes very highly recommended.”


~Ralph and Nancy ~ Clackamas County, OR

“After retiring from our orthodontic practice, my wife and I were forced to find individual coverage for the first time. We always had a group policy for ourselves and employees. We were luckily referred to Lisa Dailey to assist us with our search.

We highly recommend Lisa for any type of health insurance needs you may have. She is very customer oriented, and will work hard to find the best solutions for your situation. We have found her to be extremely efficient, ethical, detailed, reliable, knowledgeable and caring. We are confident that she would do an excellent job for anyone fortunate enough to work with her. We wish we had found her years ago so she could’ve helped us ferret out the best options for our office needs!”


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