Employee Benefit Plans


You’ve worked hard to build a successful business, and have learned how to wear many hats.  When your business begins to grow and employees become a rich part of your company, learning about how to create employee benefit plans that enhances and rewards your employees can present new challenges.

Or, perhaps you are well seasoned in offering benefits to your staff, but would like to shift the responsibility to a qualified professional; someone who can stand in your place and be the bridge between you and the insurance company.

Health insurance professionals are trained to reduce your learning curve and are very competent to do all the necessary footwork for you.  Advisors are experienced in the changing climate of the health insurance industry, and have built solid relationships with insurance carriers for the purpose of successfully bringing you options that are customized to fit your company’s needs.

For company’s based within the State of Oregon, employing between 2 – 50 employees, you may qualify for coverage through the small group market.  For company’s domiciled within the State of Washington, employing 1 – 50, you may qualify.  Being self-employed also requires that your company can produce a minimum of one year’s worth of tax returns.

Dailey Insurance Services works with companies focused on obtaining coverage outside the state’s health insurance exchange program.

Please give our agency a call to discuss.  There’s absolutely no cost to discuss your ideas, and for us to provide a customized quote.  We’ll walk with you through the entire process, and work hard to bring you an excellent experience!

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