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Choose from the many life and health insurance services we offer, and we will provide you with a free and customized insurance quote. You'll get the opportunity to review and thoroughly discuss the best plan that is tailored to suit your needs, combined with our search for the most competitive rates. We're happy to serve Oregon and SW Washington.
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Small Business Employee Benefit Plans

We have many years experience working with small employer groups. Do you newly qualify for a small group plan? Or, are you looking for a benefit specialist to ease your burden in administering your current plan? Click on the photo above to read more.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

The next open enrollment period for 2019 begins October 15, 2018 and ends December 7th, 2018. Open enrollment is an excellent time to review your current Medicare benefits. If you’re 65th birthday is approaching in 2018, we welcome you with open arms to assist new Medicare beneficiaries clients. We help guide you through various plan options, and help assist you in understanding Medicare terminology and the maze of documents you’ll receive during this transition to Medicare. Click on the photo above to read more.

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Individual and Family Plans

2019 Open enrollment for Individual and Family plans begins November 1, 2018 and ends December 15, 2018. When the time comes, don’t miss your opportunity to newly jump into a plan or throughout the year, change plans after a new qualifying event. We are here to offer advice and provide information and quotes for various plan options. Please click on the photos above to learn more.

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Non-Medical Plans

There are many types of policies to consider. We welcome conversations about Life, Disability, Dental and Vision, Accident and Long-Term Care insurance. Click above to learn more.

Our Role

What to expect from a Health Insurance Advisor
"It's our aim to find a health plan that fits your budget, is easy to administer, and keeps your employees happy!"

“So, what is the role of an insurance advisor?” First, our mission at Dailey Insurance Services is to let you know how much we care. We acknowledge that we are working with people who experience emotions, and have lives to live. We are honored to alleviate some stress in facilitating the ever changing climate within the health insurance industry. We wish to be the ‘cushion’ you lean on when dealing with your search for, and maintenance of your policy. We are highly qualified advisors, who guide individuals and employers through the complexities of choosing appropriate and affordable health plans. We are licensed by the state where we reside and practice. In Oregon and Washington, we must complete continuing education every other year in order to stay updated on new regulations and maintain our license. We keep on top of new developments and standards in the industry, continually trained in new products and represent many insurance companies, so that we can offer a large range of options and alternatives. To summarize: 1) We listen and evaluate the best health plan options for individuals and small employer groups. 2) We obtain quotes from various insurance companies 3) We explain the details of various health plans and provide cost analysis 4) We make specific recommendations and tailor plans to suit specific needs as your budgets allows 5) We facilitate the paperwork and documents necessary in implementing and maintaining your plan 6) We review the plans periodically to update coverage and maintain affordability 7) For employers, we communicate specific details about various benefit packages that are available 8) We serve as a consumer advocate and advisor in dealing with insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and government agencies. This includes servicing claims, eligibility, and providing information on current regulations and legislation.

  • "One person caring about another represents life's greatest value." ~Unknown

  • "If I had nine hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first six sharpening my ax." ~Abraham Lincoln

  • "The essence of knowledge is, having it, to apply it; not having it, to confess your ignorance." ~Confucius

  • “A quiet conscience makes one strong!” ~Anne Frank

Our Company

After serving many years in the corporate environment, Lisa Dailey was excited to begin a new chapter in her life and founded Dailey Insurance Services, in January of 2002. Now, after having 38 years experience in the health insurance industry, she offers a wealth of skill in all facets of small employer benefits, individual/family health, dental, life, Medicare, disability, and long-term care policies.

Lisa Dailey

Health Insurance Professional Licensed in both Oregon & SW Washington States since 1997
When not “at work” you’ll find Lisa reading, and collecting books for her ever expanding library. Creating art, and expanding her skills in photography. Cooking, dancing, and spending precious time with family and friends.